Welcome To Poly Love Universe

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Welcome to my Polyloveuniverse!  My name is Donna!

This message is for those men and their lover(s), if any, who are interested in polyamory or openly having more than one romantic love at a time.

I am a single black Rubenesque female (see my photos on this page and in my photo gallery by clicking on "Photos 2" on the left of this writing).  I've never married or had children and I cannot now have children although I love them and they seem to love me in general.  I am open to fostering or adopting children and although this is not one of my primary goals at this time, I don't mind being with men if they have young children still living with them.  

I am 5’ 2” tall with a café-au-lait complexion and live alone in Jamaica, Queens, NY where I have lived for the past 25 years this April in the same luxury studio apartment since it was first built.  I’m not interested in moving in with anyone right now although I am open to all eventualities once we see that we are emotionally, intellectually, and sexually compatible, in that order for a year or longer; I believe that if the first two are right, the last we can make right if it's not at the beginning when we first try it ;)!

I am very accomplished in many areas of life ;)!  I don’t smoke anything and I only drink a little wine occasionally and I don't get high (I am high on life and love!) definitely nothing illegal.  Please be the same with no prior crime convictions of any kind or warrants for your arrest; I will check; I have none of those, I never have had any, and I hope I never get any which you may check for yourself! 

All races welcome!  I have no height preferences although over 6’ 1” is a bit too tall and over 250 lbs. is a bit too big for me (and my bed ;)!  I do not need nor do I want to be involved with any other women (or men!) you may be sexually involved with in the beginning; that’s between you and them.  I’m strictly heterosexual and am not at all interested in any threesomes, orgies, or swinging.  

I have no problem if you are bi-sexual.  I practice both safe, though exciting (!), sex at all times and I strongly suggest that you do too!  Let me tell you now, I DO NOT practice ANY oral sex on my genitals or on yours!  This is the surest road to getting genital Herpes which must be enormously painful and which I definitely don't want and it is permanent!  I will consider men between the ages of 18 and 70.  If you seem younger than 18, you will have to produce ID for me; I am not interested in going to jail for statutory rape!  If you want to guess my age feel free to, but I'm not telling right now ;)! I will tell you only that I'm definitely over 18 ;)!

I’m in love with a man presently who is unavailable and I’m therefore not having sex with anyone now which is a situation I’d like to remedy in time (though not in too long a time from now ;)! I'd say within the month would be a good time ;)!  

I am interested in loving long and more!  I have several friends of all ages, racial mixtures, and genders with whom I've been friends through thick and thin for decades, although I'm becoming more of a loner lately.  I'm reliable, don't give my word lightly and am a can-do woman though not a stick-in-the mud ;)! please be the same!  I do not need my lovers to give me money or things, but I do like loyalty although I don’t need exclusiveness and I also love the right kind of protectiveness and thoughtfulness, though not possessiveness.  Also, please be gainfully employed and/or ambitious as I am!  Please also at least know how to write in complete sentences!  No college experience required!

I don’t have a jealous bone in my body and if the energy is right between us, I’m always pleasant and seeking harmony and reason as well as passion with my lovers; I won’t settle for anything less than positive drama!  I love to read, listen to music and cook!  I’m very creative and so people tell me, very exciting and unique.

I seek to further all whom I associate closely with, including my lover(s) and I treat them all like family (except for the sex with my lovers, of course ;)!  The latest example of this is the young man I mentioned above who told me that he wants to go to school to study business accounting and who also thinks he and I can't even be friends now because his wife is jealous and has gone so far as to try to commit suicide when she learned how much we loved each other from his father almost three years ago.  This young man's regard for me has transformed (!COMPLETELY changed for the better!) the depth and breadth of my ability to love increasing it 100 fold, although I've always been pretty loving.  That's the greatest gift anyone could ever have given me!  Mere money pales in comparison; "There is that maketh himself rich but is very poor; there is that maketh himself poor but hath great riches!"  Proverbs 13:7 The Bible; anyone who does not understand the meaning of this need not apply; also if you don't feel that I can make you WANT DEEPLY to be a better man than you presently are, also, please don't waste my time!  I'm 51% Sweetheart; 49% B_tch! Please don't push me!)  I'm pretty sure that he doesn't even recall having confided that ambition of his to me, which dream I bet he doesn't even know how he's going to fulfill.

He's a very tiny man, weighing no more than 90 lbs. soaking wet (!) and being no more than 5' 3" tall, but as I am a woman, he's THE most powerful man emotionally and spiritually as well as one of the few men in my whole life who has understood and VALUED me best of all the men I've ever encountered other than my own father (with whom my relationship was virtually perfect!) and my uncles and I've known all sorts of men sexually and in platonic friendships in my varied life experiences, from rich and accomplished men to more obscure men like him and not ONE that I have ever met before. . .or since. . .can touch him for character and sincerity!  (He and I even argue with decorum with not a single cross word between us for a full year--a lifetime record for me in ANY relationship!--and no cursing each other or hitting below the belt although we've had some doosies of arguments!)  

This young man and I have never once even kissed each other on the cheek!  But when we held hands across the counter in his family's bodega in December 2013 when I made the 2 vows to him that I have kept to this day:  1) Never to harm him or his family and; 2) that I would NEVER (!) try to force him to do anything that he didn't want to do but that I WOULD try to persuade him (which last brought down the house with shouts from his father and another male worker at the other counter there also after this young man's father told me that the young man had told his father and all his family members that he "loved me too much!"  (His father's English is not the best (they're Arab) and I think what his father meant to say is that this young man said "he loved me very much!") there was electricity, just from us holding hands!

So, to show him just how much I really do still love him, I plan to GIVE (!) him $250,000 cash in one lump sum by his next birthday which is June 6, 2017 if I at all can in a surprise ruse I have thought up (shhhhh ;)! to free him to be able to achieve his dream! All he has to do after receiving the money I propose to give him is to continue to make us all proud; he turned 26 on his birthday last year!  I'll note here after his birthday this year how well I did in accomplishing my goal to give him that $250,000!  (So far, it's the beginning of May 2017 and for MY birthday this year (March 25th) I gave this young man a .999 pure 1 Troy oz. silver coin with a love poem engraved on the obverse and the inscriptioin engraved on the reverse, "Nothing's too good for you, (His Name)!  Love, Donna!" and on May 2nd I gave him $30 cash with the lyrics to the song, "Free," by Niecey Williams and a note letting him know that my financial gifts to him are definitely NOT to try to buy his affections, but just to express just how much I love and value him. Well, June 6th Fast approaches!  It looks like I'm not going to make my $250,000 goal!  You think?!?!?!  More in a little while!:  Sadly I was not able to give Tavi $250,000 for his birthday this year.  On Saturday, June 3, 2017, at approximately 3:45 pm ET, I left for him a beautiful amethyst geode that I've had for years and a hand-made (by me!) organic lavender-filled heart-shaped sachet. Better luck next time, I always say!  At least my intentions were good!  Blessed be!)

Further, I'm very spiritual, but I don't think I'm tiresome about it.  I pray every day to all god/desses all of whom I revere equally for their protection and for preserving, guiding and healing me through my life's many vicissitudes, with pride of place to my own personal spiritual guardians who have been introduced to me in special ways.  (I especially have two, one male and one female both of whom came to me in very special ways.  As we get to know each other, I'll tell you about them if you wish; perhaps after a good love-making session!  I sing to my lovers after sex, as well ;)! and I've been told early in my life and repeatedly that I have, "The Voice!" although that's mainly my speaking voice although I choose to sing songs that I sing passably well ;)!  Hear me on my YouTube Channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OHXsEbWSng&t=5s.  It is my belief, to quote the last line of, Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet, from his tour de force, The Divine Comedy, "God(dess) is the love that moves the Sun and the other stars!"   I've experienced this love through the man I've described above who loved (adored!) me and whom I love very deeply and that love transformed my life completely and made me a new and blessed woman!  I hope that I can experience this with yet another or other lovers (although he's a very hard act to follow ;)!

If any of this sounds interesting to you. . .and you're serious!. . .I’d love to hear from you at:  avataress@msn.com.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Please tell me what are the three things you know for sure when you contact me with some of your photos.  The three things I know for sure are that it is best to express uncondtional love for all one's beloveds, be they family, friends, or whoever, in as many creative ways as you can think of, including accepting their faults with their traits you admire, which is easier in proportion to how much you love them and romance, especially, is the ART (!) of finding as many creative ways to do this (demonstrate your affection to your beloveds!) as you can and that that love and its expression is the ONLY TRUE power REGARDLESS of how it may seem at the time, that ALL good things like justice and peace, kindness and compassion and other forms of just caring, stem from such love, and as one of my favorite singers/songwriters, James Taylor says in his song, "The Secret of Life," "The secret of love is in opening up your heart; it's okay to feel afraid, but DON'T let that stand in your way!" and finally, in this vein, from the eerily beautiful and compelling lyrics and music of the song, "Nature Boy:"  "The greatest thing you could ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!" although there are of course other great life lessons loving well is the greatest of all; the second thing I know for sure is that life is an adventure and is the deepest and most compelling mystery for most of us no matter what; live it well and in wonder; the third thing I know for sure is that ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANY TIME!  "May your delights be timeless!"  Donna!